Project – St Mary’s
April 22, 2015
Project – Corning
April 1, 2015

When asked the difference between being an artist and a graphic designer, Michael Beirut once quipped, “Designers have clients." Well, then, I guess this is art. This series of type exercises plays with type as a design factor interacting with textures, shapes and other elements. The word “play" is used as a metaphor for the creative process. In a way, these sketches describe one aspect of what designers do: the making of new experiences. It’s about using creativity and process to see solutions that you can not visualize without going through the process. As a graphic designer with clients, this same kind of exploration has to be applied to thinking in words...we need to arrive at a point of view that expresses our intent. A rigorous endeavor, at its best, but immensely satisfying.