Project – Settlement
April 23, 2015
Project – Audubon
April 22, 2015

Decal supplies the world’s finest pathology labs with a full line of decalcification reagents and related industry products. There is an acute awareness that behind every slide made with their products, a patient’s prognosis or some important research is at stake. Decal originally came to us because while their original decalcifier was firmly entrenched worldwide, the rest of the product line received little notice. Our strategy of promoting the entire product line at every touchpoint greatly improved client awareness. While their packaging was generic, we developed a labeling system that represented the entire product line, making each product easily recognizable through color-coding. This lead to brand revitalization and repositioning. We developed key messaging (brand windows) that informed their sales collaterals, advertising, email campaign and web presence. A new website was re-imagined and developed including the content. It needed to be responsive and have a good bit of functionality (sorting, serving videos, search, galleries, pols & surveys) making the Wordpress platform a logical choice.

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